Thank you, thank you to everyone who has helped us get there. Soon we will start building out our new location and will keep you updated on our progress.

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After 5 years, we had to move our little brewery from our original location on Orcutt Road.

The good news is we finally found an amazing new spot (just around the corner from our beloved Orcutt home) that will allow us to have food, wine/cider, a patio and more than enough indoor space to host our live music and community events.

Click on the photo below to see a fly through rendering of what our new location could be - a unique and funky space with room to improve on all the things you asked for at the old location.

NEW Bang the Drum Interior FlyThrough

Bang the Drum Brewery is Moving Locations!

We will be closed until everything is moved


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Bang the Drum Brewery  

We are a small craft brewery located in beautiful San Luis Obispo. Our goal is to create a unique, feel-good experience where customers feel relaxed and part of the family. We serve everything from a simple Blonde Ale to a variety of innovative takes on classics such as our Queen Mate IPA. We offer a cast of reliable flagships along side an ever changing lineup of fresh brews, we work to provide beer and experiences that will keep you and your tastebuds satisfied.

MOre than one way to celebrate the day

We offer a plethora of entertainment, including live music, salsa dancing, open mic and our notorious brain stimulating trivia nights just to name a few. Come relax in the sunshine on our patio and bring your friends, or make some new ones (perhaps giant Jenga to break the ice?) Everyone is welcome, we are pet and family friendly! So come on in - our awesome staff is ready to pour you a cold one.

Beers on Tap
Drumming session - live music
hops and barley
hops in hand
hops and drums

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Bang The Drum Brewery
We did it! We are celebrating with a beer @centralcoastbrewing because our use permit was APPROVED. And we can officially do LIVE MUSIC things at are new location! Thank you to everyone who showed up, sent emails and messages of good vibes. We love you! #supportlivemusic #livemusic #slocommunity #theyareallowingus #slocity #...

Oct 28, 2019
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Bang The Drum Brewery
Just in case any of you missed out on getting the Kickstarter reward that you really wanted...we now have some of the items available through our online store! Check it out! Link in Bio. ▪▪▪▪ #bangthedrumbrewery #slocraftbeer #slocommunity #movebtd #woodbottleopener #vortex #personalizedbarstool

Oct 3, 2019
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Bang The Drum Brewery
Prom Night through moving day at the old location, taken with some old form of technology called disposable cameras. We learned (or rediscovered) a few things: 1) Always employ the flash while using a disposable camera. 2) You guys, getting film developed is expensive. 3) There is something about capturing a moment on ...

Sep 30, 2019
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Bang The Drum Brewery
WE DID IT!!!! AHHH!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will post more coherent things later but for the time being...AHHHHHH!!!! #movebtd #woo! #bangthedrumbrewery #letsdothis #slocommunity

Sep 26, 2019